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Installation and Usage

Download the latest release, extract it to a folder, and then run SandcastleInstaller.exe to run the guided installation of Sandcastle, the various extra items from the Sandcastle Styles project, and the Sandcastle Help File Builder.

See the Installation Instructions topic for more information about the required set of additional tools.

If you are new to Sandcastle and the help file builder, see the topics in the Getting Started section to get familiar with it, set up your projects to produce XML comments, and create a help file project. A full copy of the help file is also included with the installer and a shortcut to it can be found in the Sandcastle Help File Builder folder in the Start | All Programs menu.

Viewing Downloaded Help Files

The help files contained in the project downloads may need to be unblocked before you can view their content. If you do not see any information in the content pane after opening a help file, do the following:
  • Copy the help file to your hard drive and open it from there. Trying to view a help file from a network share can cause the content to be blocked.
  • If a security dialog appears asking if you want to open the file, uncheck the "Always ask before opening this file" checkbox.
  • If the file is still blocked, open Windows Explorer, right-click the CHM file, select Properties, and then click the Unblock option.
  • Apply the file property changes and open the help file again.

Online Help and Guides

Future Enhancements

For a list of planned future enhancements and features, see the Future Enhancements and Features page.

Other Resources

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Sandcastle Help File Builder Overview
Visual Studio Integration Package
Links to Resources
Version History
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