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Output Deployment Recursive Copy Bug?

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Mar 11, 2014 at 2:13 PM
I'm having an issue with tje "Output Deployment" plugin, in that it recursively copies the MS Help 2 output location into itself every time I build. For example:
build 1 - creates C:\v9\Doc\MsdnHelp2
build 2 - creates C:\v9\Doc\MsdnHelp2\MsdnHelp2
build 3 - creates C:\v9\Doc\MsdnHelp2\MsdnHelp2\MsdnHelp2

All of the MS Help 2 files are moved from the project location to the recursed MsdnHelp2 folder - ie after build 3 in the example above, only the last MsdnHelp2 folder would contain the output files.

The intent is to segregate the different help files into subdirectories under the "Doc" folder:
  • C:\v9\Doc\CHM
  • C:\v9\Doc\MsdnHelp2
My Environment:
SCHFB Version = 2014.02.15.0 Beta
The "shfbproj" file resides in the "C:\v9\Doc" location.
I have "Delete source files adter deploying them" checked
I have tried the following in the MS Help 2 "Target Location" field, all same results:
  • ".\MsdnHelp2"
  • "MsdnHelp2"
  • "C:\v9\Doc\MsdnHelp2"
Am I doing something wrong? or is this a bug? I'm fairly new to SandCastle, but previously used NDoc 1.3, 2.0 and am very familiar with help doc generation.

Thanks for your consideration.
Mar 11, 2014 at 8:28 PM
Is your project's output folder set to C:\v9\Doc too? If so, it's probably picking up the content generated by the build as well as the output from the last build in the same location. Reset the Output Path property to .\Help so that the initial build content isn't in the same root location as the output deployment folders. That should fix it.

Mar 11, 2014 at 9:46 PM
Thanks Eric, that did the trick!

I am impressed with what you have done with SandCastle. I looked at using SC when it first came out, but was not very impressed back then. I continued to use NDoc 1.3 and even the unsupported NDoc 2.0 after that. I ran into problems the other day trying to get NDoc 2.0 to work on Win7 64-bit, so I decided to try SC again. I almost gave up after seeing that it was decommissioned, but then saw the reference to it merging with your project. I decided to give it a try - I'm glad I did! You've taken it a long way from what it was!

Thanks again for the quick support as well.