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MAML - Control text?

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Sep 3, 2013 at 3:09 PM
I have recently migrated the HTML files into MAML.

Though things seems to working, I cant find a way to preform in MAML actions action's which were simple in HTML:
1) Create highlight text ..
2) Drew a line
3) Create a link to an API file created by the XML...

Sep 3, 2013 at 8:16 PM
MAML defines the structure of the content rather than the formatting. The selected presentation style applies the formatting such as fonts, colors, and layout. That said, certain elements do apply specific formatting. For example legacyBold will bold the text, legacyItalic will italicize the text. There are no MAML elements that will draw a line since the presentation style is in control of such layout. You could implement a custom element that inserts a line by modifying the XSL transformations. A last resort if you don't want to modify the transformations is the markup element which allows you to insert raw HTML into a topic but that is generally reserved for complex markup such as inserting image map HTML elements rather than general layout and formatting. Stick with the defined MAML elements and let the presentation style format the text. For links to API members (yours or base framework members), use the codeEntityReference element.

The Entity References tool window in SHFB can help you find and insert code entity reference links. See the Sandcastle MAML Guide for full details on what MAML elements are available and how to use them. It's installed as part of the Sandcastle Tools and you'll find it in the Sandcastle group in the Start menu.