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Percent sign after out paramter in MS Help Viewer

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Jan 7, 2013 at 12:02 PM

I have a C# methode with an out paramter.

For instance:
public static bool Ready(out bool enabled)

In the MS Help Viewer paramter list is a percent character after the type.

Type: System::Boolean%
Points to a variable that receives the enable state of the keys: true if the keys are enabled or false if the keys are disabled.

This effect occurs only in MS Help Viewer at methods with out paramteres. In the Help 1 and Help 2 format is the paramter without the percent sign.

Is this an known issure or is ther a workaround or option to fix it?


Jan 9, 2013 at 8:34 PM

That's normal.  It's the C++ syntax for an output parameter.  If you notice, it shows one in the Syntax section too.  You won't see it in the parameters section of the VS2005 style unless you change the language filter by turning off all other languages except C++.  In the VS2010 style, it only shows up if you select a C++ tab in the Syntax section or a code example such that it switches to the C++ syntax.

The language filter is sticky and will persist across sessions even if you rebuild the help file.  So, if you are seeing it by default, you probably just need to set the language tab back to C# (VS2010) or select another language or multiple languages in the language filter (VS2005).



Jan 10, 2013 at 8:30 AM

Hi Eric,

you are right. The VS2010 is a little bit sticky. C# was the default language. Fist I selected VB and then C# and the percent sign was never shown.

Thank you for your quick answer!