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Calling a PHP script

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Nov 12, 2008 at 5:07 PM
    We are looking into how to enable collaborative effort on our existing API Docs. We use Sandcastle to generate HTML 1 and 2 formats. We need a way to put our API documentation online (for in-house use only) so that people across the organization can add to and improve the existing documentation, specially the code samples we include.
Our constraint is that we do not have a software developer on board. Using Sandcastle's Website output on a wiki seemed to be a solution, but doing this is too complex. A simpler option that we are looking at is:
Generate the API Documentation as a Website
Use a PHP script to add a Comments box at the bottom of each HTML page

There are a couple of PHP scripts we are evaluating. We will need to insert a line of code at the bottom of every HTML page, to call the PHP script that displays the Comments box. How could I accomplish this small addition while generating Website output?
I'm guessing we need to modify the transformation? I got this idea from the solution you proposed for the post just previous to mine, which is asking about Sandcastle - Wiki conversion. Do let me know if modifying the transformation is enough, or anything further is required?

Nov 12, 2008 at 8:24 PM
A rough guess would be that you can modify the "insertScripts" template in the utilities_reference.xsl file to insert any required script tags for any additional client side JavaScript files.  Modify the "/" template so that it outputs any required HTML at the end of the page and add calls to any required initialization methods in any added client side script files plus whatever else is needed for any server-side processing.