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Versioning - is it possible?

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Jul 4, 2011 at 12:32 PM

Looking at MSDN, there is often an "Other versions" dropdown which allows selection of (for example) different .NET Framework versions.

Within the topic element of each conceptual help topic, there is a revisionNumber element.  So far, and I may well be missing something, I haven't found anywhere that the revisionNumber affects what is displayed - clues on that welcome.

Putting those two things together, is there any way to persuade SHFB to allow the end user of the help the ability to choose between different versions of a page - I'm thinking that this would be useful as things change over time and there is a need to "see what it said before it was changed".

As I said, I might well be missing a trick (or two) here.

Thanks, Nick.

Jul 5, 2011 at 9:07 PM

The Version Builder plug-in can be used to insert some version information into the API topics but its just informational and doesn't work like the MSDN pages.  Microsoft uses additional tools that are not part of Sandcastle to generate their MSDN content so features that you see there are not always available in Sandcastle generated help files.  If you choose to try the version builder plug-in, be aware that there is a know issue not currently fixed by the Sandcastle Styles patch.  A workaround is given here: