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Using Sandcastle with Team Build 2008 - Problem with locating sources.

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Jun 21, 2010 at 10:32 AM
Edited Jun 21, 2010 at 10:45 AM
I'm confused! I'm trying to build documentation with Sandcastle and TFS 2008. The thing that is confusing me is how to tell Sandcastle where to find the correct documentation sources. Unlike a 'local' build where the xml and dll files are in the same locations, with Team Build on our build server we have a separate drop folder (normal), which is where all the dlls are, but the XML files are left behind under the Sources folder. So the question I cannot figure out is how to tell MSBuild/TeamBuild where to find the sources to document. This is my stuff in TFSBuild.proj: <PropertyGroup> <HelpProjectFilePath>$(SolutionRoot)\$(BuildDefinition)\projects\Matrix5\Matrix5\Matrix5.shfbproj</HelpProjectFilePath> <HelpConfig>Configuration=Release;Platform=AnyCPU;OutDir=$(OutDir)</HelpConfig> </PropertyGroup> <Target Name="GenerateDocumentation"> <!-- Build Help docs --> <MSBuild Projects="$(HelpProjectFilePath)" Properties="$(HelpConfig)" /> </Target> As you can see, I am passing 'OutDir' to the build, as recommended, but it still looks in the wrong place for the document sources and complains that it cannot find the dlls. My shfb.proj file looks like this: ... <DocumentationSources> <DocumentationSource sourceFile="Matrix.sln" /> </DocumentationSources> ... My build output log contains the following: Task "BuildHelp" Building d:\Temp\Sources\CI\projects\Matrix5\Matrix5\Matrix5.shfbproj Initializing FindingTools ValidatingDocumentationSources SHFB : error BE0040: Project assembly does not exist: d:\Temp\Sources\CI\projects\Matrix5\Matrix5\Workflow\bin\Release\Workflow.dll Failed Build details can be found in d:\Temp\Sources\CI\projects\Matrix5\Matrix5\Help\LastBuild.log In other words - it is looking for the dll where the xml file is (but the dll is actually in the drop folder, as specified in OutDir') I _appear_ to be doing all the right things, but so far no luck. I'm obviously missing something - but what? Or is this a bug in TIA. Neil.
Jun 28, 2010 at 5:26 PM
I must have been doing something wrong because this has now quietly resolved itself.