No members in the template matched the parameters of the specialization. This is not possible but apparently it happened.

I hit this error in our documentation build: MRefBuilder : error : An unexpected error occurred trying to execute the MRefBuilder MSBuild task: System.InvalidOperationException: SandcastleGenericMe...

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Prompt to choose projects from solution file

When adding a solution file as a documentation source, consider prompting whether to add the solution or selected projects from within the solution. For solutions containing a large number of proj...

Id #35414 | Release: None | Updated: Thu at 8:13 AM by LoicMorvanOptis | Created: Jul 23 at 7:15 PM by EWoodruff

SHFB: dbcsFix not works

1) Symptom: 63 errors looks like HHC5003: Error: Compilation failed while compiling icon s\alert_caution.gif. [... \HTMLDOC\Working\Build1xHelpFile.proj] Correction steps: Set CopyStandardHelpCo...

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ampersand in copyright_info fails

When the <CopyrightText> property contains the ampersand character ("&") or its HTML equivalent ("&) the build process fails. Is there any possibility to include the ampersand character within the ...

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Creating a new project added to an existing solution fails

Just downloaded the latest stable guided installer. Right-click on a solution (VS 2013 Ultimate), Add New Project, Documentation, SHFB project, OK results in: The imported project "C:\SandcastleH...

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Copying code with numberLines enabled copies line numbers

Sandcastle Version: 2014.05.31.0 I am using PresentationStyle VS2013 HTML Help 1 file. I intended to use the attribute numberLines="true" when writing code samples in a conceptual content, but I r...

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Issue with portable class library as reference

My project's documentation does not compile. It is a standard (not portable) class library which has a portable class library as one of its references. This is the error: MRefBuilder : error : Unr...

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Generating documentation to website

hi guys, I am having troubles trying to generate the documentation to a website. Please have look on this:

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Custom Syntax Component has Blank Tab

When using the provided presentation VS2013 custom SyntaxGeneratorTemplate are almost useless since the tab contains no title text and is thus not visible/selectable. To resolve this, language str...

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Component project template support in Express editions

The Visual Studio package cannot be installed in Visual Studio Express editions. Is there a way to deploy the build component and presentation style project templates so that at least that they ca...

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