Help File Builder and Tools v2014.4.22.0

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Released: Apr 22, 2014
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Application Sandcastle Help File Builder Installer
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Release Notes

General Information

IMPORTANT: On some systems, the content of the ZIP file is blocked and the installer may fail to run. Before extracting it, right click on the ZIP file, select Properties, and click on the Unblock button if it is present in the lower right corner of the General tab in the properties dialog.

This release contains a significant number of changes. The most significant changes in this release are:
  • The Sandcastle Tools and Sandcastle Help File Builder have been merged into a single common folder structure. This was necessary to facilitate some of the other changes.
  • NOTE: The Sandcastle tools are now installed as part of the Sandcastle Help File Builder and there is no longer a separate installer for them. As such, you will need to manually remove the prior release of the Sandcastle tools. Leaving them installed will not cause any issues as the new release is located in a different folder. However, removing them will avoid any confusion in the future.
  • All plug-ins, build components, syntax generators, and custom presentation styles are now MEF components. This makes it much easier to implement project-specific components.
  • With the above changes and the implementation of a new Component Path project property, the DXROOT and SHFBCOMPONENTROOT environment variables are no longer needed. SHFBROOT is used to locate all components and the Component Path project property is used to locate project-specific build components. The application data folder can still be used to install components in a common, shared location accessible to all projects.
  • Application of the visibility options has been moved from the help file builder into MRefBuilder.
  • A new Open XML format and presentation style have been added. See the related help topic for details on its specific requirements and limitations.
  • A new preliminary VS2013 presentation style has been added.

04/22/2014: This update fixes the missing resource item problem.

See the Sandcastle 2014.4.21.0 Release Notes for details on all of the changes made to the underlying Sandcastle tools and presentation styles.

See the Sandcastle Help File Buider 2014.4.21.0 Release Notes for details on all of the changes made to the Sandcastle Help File Builder and the Visual Studio Package.

This release uses the Sandcastle Guided Installation package. Download and extract to a folder and then run SandcastleInstaller.exe to run the guided installation of Sandcastle, the various extra items, the Sandcastle Help File Builder core components, and the Visual Studio extension package.

What's Included
  • Help 1 compiler check and instructions on where to download it and how to install it if needed
  • Help 2 compiler check and instructions on where to download it and how to install it if needed
  • Sandcastle Help File Builder and Tools v2014.4.21.0
  • SHFB Visual Studio Extension Package
  • An option to install the MAML schemas in Visual Studio to provide IntelliSense for MAML topics
  • An option to install MAML snippets in Visual Studio to provide insertion of common MAML elements in topics while editing

Reviews for this release

Genial con el nuevo estilo de visual studio 2013
by Saxeg on May 19 at 7:51 PM
Very nice project and probably one of the most important to save time!
by CBuntrock on May 13 at 9:41 PM
Heard of it for years, never got around to actually using it. Used other means of documenting (e.g. markdown, pdf, etc.), and wanted to tinker a bit. Voila! This *IS* the tool! Remarkably simple to use (I'm a n00b!) - from incredible guided install (I think there's a lesson in there for all developers), to documentation and actual usage. Not only did I get an excellent tool for documenting code, I actually *learned* more about code commenting for documentation in Visual Studio using this tool (than any other reference)! Simply AWESOME! A must have for any serious dev and/or team pushing code out there!!!
by EdSF on May 6 at 9:11 PM
The de-facto standard for building developer documentation for .net libraries. The VisualStudio integration makes documentation generation a seamless experience. With Sandcastle code documentation is almost fun ;-)
by WetHat on Apr 26 at 1:02 PM
Really cool tool!
by testy on Apr 23 at 7:46 AM
Very easy to use. And now with support for NETMF: 5*
by osre on Apr 22 at 4:35 PM