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Problem with .mshc file from SHFB

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Feb 18, 2010 at 8:48 PM

Hi Eric,

I'm not quite sure if this is an issue for SHFB or Sandcastle, but I thought I would start here. We have the RC of VS2010 and have been working on getting our help to work with the new MSHelpViewer 1.0. For some reason, when I build our help with SHFB and choose MSHelpViewer as the HelpFileFormat, the resulting .mshc will not plug in correctly. On the other hand, if I create an HxS file with SHFB and then use the mshcMigrate tool to create the .mshc file from the HxS, it integrates/plugs-in properly. It looks to me like the .html output from the MSHelpViewer format in SHFB is different than that of an .html created using the mshcMigrate tool and I'm wondering if this is the problem. I'm curious if you have encountered this or if there is a setting I may be missing. Also, please let me know if this is more appropriate to the Sandcastle discussion forum.


Feb 19, 2010 at 3:10 AM

As noted in the SHFB release notes, even if you've applied the latest Sandcastle Styles patch that includes the July 2009 release updates, the Help Viewer support in Sandcastle still appears to be incomplete (i.e. no apparent output of the elements needed for TOC support).  We'll have to wait for the next release of Sandcastle to see if that has improved.