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Generate1xTOC.bat file

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Dec 18, 2009 at 11:37 PM


I was using SHFB v., and had modified the Generate1xTOC.bat file to pick up use a custom XML file and transform it using a custom xsl file to create a TOC that embeds the namespace TOC created by SHFB into a TOC with custom topics. The TOC looks something like this:

My SDK Help

My First SDK
Custom HTML topics (Overview, examples, etc)
First SDK Namespace topics
My Second  SDK
Custom HTML topics (Overview, examples, etc)
Second SDK Namespace Topics

Since then, we upgraded our software to v. (Beta). Because SHFB no longer uses Generate1xTOC.bat, we do not have a way to embed custom topics into the automatically generated TOC. Is there a way to modify the source for ExtractHTMLInfo.exe to pull the the new XML and transform it to produce the same result? Or if not, is there an available download of the older release that we can revert to?

Thanks for the help!


Dec 19, 2009 at 9:02 PM

Prior to v1.8.0.0, you could add files via the AdditionalContent project property and use various methods ranging from custom comment tags within the files to a sitemap file to add them to the help file.  With v1.8.0.0 and later, that property went away and the files are added as content items to the Project Explorer window.  You can still use a sitemap file to arrange the topics as you like them.  Modifying the layout of the TOC to mix the order of the additional content topics amongst the API topics can be accomplished using a custom plug-in which is now the preferred method of altering the build output.  This allows you to insert your own custom tasks into the build at any point without modifying the SHFB files.  See the Build Process Plug-Ins topic for an overview of the plug-ins supplied with SHFB and the Creating Build Process Plug-Ins topic for information on creating a plug-in.