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Making <inheritdoc/> content show up in intellisense

Sep 8, 2009 at 8:52 PM

We are making use of the <inheritdoc/> tag (who wouldn't want to use this???) but one problem we have is that the intellisense is not updated.  Really wish visual studio would get on that, but in the mean time, it would be nice to have a work around.

Right now we are using the IntellisenseComponent to generate the XML file, which appears to be what we want.  And to my understanding this should effectively be used to provide intellisense content for the paired assembly.  But I can't seem to get visual studio to recognize the updated XML file's content.

When sandcastle help is compiled, the intellisense XML file is dumped into an intellisense directory by the component.  From there, we would copy this XML file over to the output directory of our assembly.  I thought that maybe just re-opening the solution would force an update of the intellisense content, but i was wrong.  Is there some way to do this?

One last thing, i know that the XML file is generated into two places one in obj, and one in bin.  Then if you reference the project anywhere else, it is copied to that project as well.  Is there one place that you should copy your updated XML file to, or must it go to all of these places?


Sep 9, 2009 at 3:58 PM

The IntelliSense component is what you need.  However, copying the XML comments file to the .\obj or .\bin folders probably isn't a good idea since any change the to project could potentially cause a rebuild thus overwriting the updated file.  I've always moved the assembly to a different folder along with the updated comments file and added it as a reference to other projects from that location.  You may need to force a rebuild or do a clean and then rebuild of the project that references it to get it to pull in the latest version of the assembly and comments file but I haven't seen any problems after that.  Note that you won't get comments from the updated file from within the project it relates to since I believe Visual Studio is doing background compilation and is showing comments based on that and not the file that you might have replaced.  It does this so that you get up to date comments based on changes you've made but haven't actually built yet.



Sep 9, 2009 at 5:29 PM

Thanks Eric, this is what i suspected.  We were hoping to get the intellisense working inside the same project, but i was pretty sure this was not going to work (perhaps an idea for a VSIP down the road).  Not really a big deal, as the more important situation is when we import the assembly in other projects.  Thanks for your clarification.