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Authoring help content using sandcastle for windows help and support center?

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Jun 3, 2015 at 9:21 PM
I found this article:
which would apply to windows 8 and above but how would I go about applying it? Most of the mshc files under windows\help\windows have a topics folder and html files but nothing else except resources and I think it was art.mshc. I have been trying out *.mshc files in help viewer 2.1 in visual studio 2013 and the help files work their but I am wondering where I would put such files in windows 8.1 or higher for help and support center (the help file says the OEM folder but I am not sure.)? I wonder if I need to reinstall windows/sysprep it in order to have the help content register or if it would be a simple registry entry and restart the computer in order to implement my help files?