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Internal workings of Sandcastle

Feb 25, 2015 at 2:31 PM
I am using SHFB version from May 30, 2014 and VS2013 presentation style. I invoke msbuild on the SHFB project file and it works well on my machine. In our build machinery I see an error as mentioned here: and am thinking if an anti-virus is locking the build folder.

I'd like to understand if Sandcastle launches some process A that creates a bunch of intermediate files in that build folder. Then Sandcastle launches process B to pick up those intermediate files to generate the final output (html and chm files), but errors out because an anti-virus came in between. Is my understand correct? Can you shed some light on this process and how many intermediate files are roughly created (we're on network drive)?
Feb 25, 2015 at 8:01 PM
SHFB and the Sandcastle tools generate files at various points during the build. The most likely points of failure due to denied file access are during and after the BuildAssembler steps when its producing the topics, preparing to build, and then building the final output help file. Depending on the size of your API there can be a few dozen to tens of thousands of topic files. You can look through the folders in the working folder after a failed build to see how many are generated in your case.