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[SHFB+AjaxDoc] R_Project.htm content not displayed

May 11, 2009 at 4:42 PM

Hi Eric,

I'm facing a weird issue on my project: it consists on a JavaScript class library whose documentation is generated by means of the ajaxdoc plugin. Everything works fine except one thing: the root documentation page (R_Project.htm) contents is not displayed (either in the chm or the hxs). When I say "not displayed", it's just a blank page, while 'View Source' shows all the expected html code.

For debugging purpose, I pasted the html code in VS2008 and the result is the same: nothing is displayed. I eventually found the origin of the problem: it's due to the <title/> tag. If I modify it as '<title></title>' (or <title>something</title) the page is displayed correctly. I  have this behavior only when using the AjaxDoc plugin: I have other SHFB projects that work like a charm (Winforms).

Now I know where the problem comes from, I would like to know where I can specificy this title for the R_Project.htm. I tried specifying the RootNamespaceTitle project property, but it seems it is not taken into account (again, I am using the AjaxDoc plugin).

Am I doing something wrong ? Do you have any ideas of how I could fix this issue ?

thanks for your help,


May 11, 2009 at 4:50 PM

Obviously the second I commit my post, I just figured out that the same question has been asked 10 posts below...

Applying the style patches solved the problem.

Sorry for this.