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Show <inheritdoc/> in Intellisense

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Jul 10, 2014 at 11:05 AM

I want to get the inherited summary information from an object shown in intellisense. I tried some settings with the IntelliSense Component but i don't get it in Intellisense in VS.

What steps do i have to do, to get the <inheritdoc/> shown in intellisense?

I tried: Add the IntelliSense Component (default config), move it before transform settings (like in and tried different settings, VS restart and VS rebuild but it don't work.
Jul 10, 2014 at 4:14 PM
You don't need to modify the SHFB project templates. Just add it as a build component in the Components project property category. Edit the configuration there if necessary and build the project. The generated XML files are written to the build output folder by default unless you change the location. Take those XML files and place them with the assembly and the updated comments including the inherited comments will appear in Visual Studio.

Note that if the <inheritdoc/> you are referring to is in the code you are editing, you won't see inherited comments since the comments file has to be build with SHFB. For the active code you are working on, Visual Studio is compiling the code behind the scenes and using the comments from the edited project code, not the SHFB compiled comments file. The comments files generated by the build are for assemblies that will eventually be used as reference assemblies in other projects. That's where the inherited documentation will appear.

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