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3rd party API with own doc

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May 27, 2013 at 12:51 PM
Hi community,
I recently started using SHFB and it is working fine so far.
But I am developing some stuff using a third party API to an application. This API is referenced in my projects but does not seems to be recognized by SHFB.
Unfortunately the API has no .NET comment but only a help file in CHM format. This help file is compiled using the class/interface name for each html document.
Now if I only insert my project for building a help file I have problems with topics of my methods because attributes of types coming from the 3rd party API are missing. If I add the 3rd party dll as a documentation source I get an additional topic in my help file, and my classes and methods are fine but have link to empty topics.

Is there a way to include the 3rd party CHM or the decompiled html files in my project so they are used to document the 3rd party API?
Or make my topics display the foreign classes too while I do not have it included?

Any help appriciated...