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creating documentation for a website project

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May 3, 2013 at 7:25 PM
I have tried to scoured the web how to use sandcastle help file builder gui to create documentation for my own website project in visual studio 2010 pro. I have documented all my CodeFiles (not codebehind). This project is a website project as the employer dictates. The language is Csharp (C#) and 4.0.

I have been able to generate the the xml file and have a project file via Microsoft web deployment project add-in for VS 2010.

the error I get is:
SHFB: Error BE0065: BUILD FAILED: Value cannot be null.
Parameter name: key

the project file result in the reference as the following:
Reference : Invalid project type)

I've even tried the addition content only but it told me it was not in the proper format for that configuration.

I have followed
I placed the EWSoftware.CodeDom.dll in the \bin folder of the project.

But it does not advise how to use the the Gui to actually work with the website xml file to generate the desired help file.

Is there some thing I'm missing....If some one can help please do so.

If need be I can post the xml file and/or wdproj file.

Any help would be grateful
May 3, 2013 at 8:14 PM
Web project files aren't supported as a documentation source so you need to add the assemblies and XML comments files as documentation sources in the SHFB project. As noted in the referenced help topic:

The Sandcastle Help File Builder version and later supports wildcard documentation sources. As such, just add one entry with the path set to [appPath]\bin\App_*.dll where [appPath] is the path to the published website and another entry with the path set to [docPath]\App_*.xml where [docPath] is the path to the XML comments files.

You didn't provide any information from the build log just prior to where the error occurred so I can't guess as to what might have caused that. If you can post some more details it would be helpful.