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Grouping content using assemblies first

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Feb 10, 2013 at 11:12 PM
The project I'm maintaining has several DLLs / NuGet packages. Some of the DLLs however share some namespaces with other DLLs. The Help 1 and Website output however is grouped by namespace.

Is it possible to configure SHFB so that the documentation TOC is at the root level grouped by the DLLs and at the second level by the namespaces they contain?
Feb 12, 2013 at 1:57 AM
There are no options to do this by default so you'll need to create a custom presentation style if you want to pursue it. As far as the TOC is concerned, you'll need to create a custom document model transformation that creates entries for the assembly pages like the existing styles do for the other list pages and a TOC transformation that groups the topics in the manner you want for the TOC by assembly. The custom presentation style definition file will let you specify the transformations to use and the other presentation style items so, provided you can create the XSL transformations and the other presentation style related files, SHFB will let you choose it as an option once you place the presentation style files in the proper location.

See the Custom Presentation Style Definition File and the related walkthrough topics in the SHFB help file for more information. Note that I can't provide help on creating the actual presentation style as that's a lot of work. The best I can suggest there is study the existing ones to see how they are put together. It might help to clone one of the existing styles and try modifying it to suit your needs to start.