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SHFB and Silverlight Documentation

Dec 10, 2008 at 4:36 PM
I am trying to gererate documentation for a set of Silverlight controls.
I have suceeded in generating a documentation, but in the generated documentation, the links to the SDK are going to the .NET framework 3.5 documentation, not the Silverlight documentation on MSDN. As anyone any guidance to fix this problem?

Dec 10, 2008 at 8:31 PM
For stuff like System.String and other such basic framework types, the links will go to the .NET 3.5 documentation since the web service resolves by ID alone rather than by any particular platform/framework version plus ID.  That may be something you need to bring up in the Sandcastle Discussion group.

If you are getting bold text rather than links for Silverlight classes and members (you'll see warnings about those items in the log file), you can try using the Additional Reference Links plug-in.  You add it via the PlugInConfigurations project property.  Create a second help file project with nothing in it but the Silverlight assembly/assemblies as documentation sources along with any related XML comments file.  Add that project to the plug-in as the source of additional reference info and set the link type to Msdn for it so that it tries to use the MSDN web service to resolve the links to the online content.  If the web service can't, then they'll still be rendered as bold text rather than links.  See the plug-in help topic for more information.