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Warn: ResolveReferenceLinksComponent2: Unknown reference link target

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Dec 5, 2008 at 8:55 PM
I'm getting this warning on some methods that have parameters defined as external classes.  External meaning they are not part of this assembly, and the external assembly isn't included as a documentation source (though they are included as a reference of my main project, of course).

I don't mind the warning and would otherwise ignore it, but the problem is that these methods are not getting documented properly.  For example, the method signature looks like this in the code:
public void AddCriteriaToFilter(
	EntityBase2 searchCriteriaEntity,
	FilterModifiers filterModifiers
However, the TOC and topic header list the method like this:

AddCriteriaToFilter Method (, FilterModifiers)

So it's completely omitting the class that has the broken reference (EntityBase2).

Also, under the Parameters section of the help topic, it lists the class there, but it's not fully qualified as it does properly linked references:
Type: EntityBase2
Entity containing the search criteria filtering
Type: Components.BusinessLayers.Common.FilterModifiers
Filter modifier flags to modify how the search criteria is used.
Is this because I'm not including this external assembly as a documentation resource?  Or do I have something configured improperly?  Or, is this just a bug?

Thanks in advance for your help.
Dec 6, 2008 at 2:43 AM
The missing type name in the Syntax section is probably a bug in the Sandcastle syntax component.  It should at least show the type name in plain text as the info should be there.  The non-fully qualified parameter type name in the Parameters section is probably related to how the Resolve Reference Links component outputs a link when it can't resolve it.  I'd have to poke around in the code to say for sure.

You can work around both issues by using the Additional Reference Links plug-in.  You add it via the PlugInConfigurations project property.  Create a second help file project with nothing in it but the referenced assembly as a documentation source along with its XML comments file.  Add that project to the plug-in as the source of additional reference info and set the link type to None for it so that it renders plain text rather than links.  When you do a build, it'll run the other project through a partial build, enough to get reflection information that will satify the link component and include the comments for the Members pages.  See the plug-in help topic for more information.