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How do I add a class diagram to a namespace doc?

Oct 10, 2008 at 5:13 PM

I have added the following XML ad Assemblies to Document. I also added CachingServiceClassDiagram.png image with the Conceptual Content tool (I have clicked 'always copy' option)

<?xml version="1.0"?>
    <member name="R:Project">
        Shared project summary comments go in here.
    <member name="N:Common.Services.Caching">
        This namespace contains the classes which implemenent the CachingService
        The following is the class diagram for the classes defined inside this namespace.
    <img src="./CachingServiceClassDiagram.png" alt="Class Daigram for the Common.Services.Caching namesapce"/>
    <img src="./Images/CachingServiceClassDiagram.png" alt="Class Daigram for the Common.Services.Caching namesapce"/>
    The main public interface is <see cref="ICachingService"/>.
    <img src="../Images/CachingServiceClassDiagram.png" alt="Class Daigram for the Common.Services.Caching namesapce"/>
    <img src="../../Images/CachingServiceClassDiagram.png" alt="Class Daigram for the Common.Services.Caching namesapce"/>

As you can see, I have trouble finding out how Images can properly show up. What I do notice is that I start with a folder structure like

Documentation   <- this is where the xml is
Documentation/Images   <- this is where the image is

and I end up with


However, Help doesn't containt Images anywhere. I read somewhere that I have to set a DependencyDestinationPath or something. I don't see that option when adding an image inside the Conceptual Content tool.

If the output wasn't a website, i.e. no restriction in terms of ../.. then I can see the image. How can I make sure the system copies the content of Images inside the output folder?

Oct 10, 2008 at 8:50 PM
Conceptual content is a newer way of adding additional topics to the help file such as How Tos, walkthroughs etc.  If your project doesn't contain any conceptual topics, the conceptual content part of the build won't execute and thus it won't copy the image files either.  What you need to do is add the images to the AdditionalContent property instead and specify the destination folder to which you want them copied.  Just so you know, if you do end up adding conceptual content topics, images related to conceptual content will always end up in the .\Media folder rather than .\Images.  AdditionalContent files end up wherever you tell it to put them.