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Convert from Version to Version

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Nov 30, 2010 at 10:05 AM


I converted my old Sandcastle Help File Builder Project from Version to

The HtmlHelp1 File compiled successfully.

The MsHelp2 File failed.

Error message:

Error HXC3023: File D:\V1_30\Doc\New\Help\Working\Output\MSHelp2\BrAdiNetSdk.HxT, Line 0, Char 0: Failed to open file html\Introduction.htm.

The Sourcefile is located in: D:\V1_30\Doc\New\Help\
The Sandcastle Help File Builder copies the Introduction.htm to D:\V1_30\Doc\New\Help\Working\Output\MSHelp2\Help

<?xml version="1.0" encoding="utf-8"?>
<!DOCTYPE HelpTOC SYSTEM "MS-Help://Hx/Resources/HelpTOC.dtd">
<HelpTOC DTDVersion="1.0">
  <HelpTOCNode Title="Help">
    <HelpTOCNode Url="html\Introduction.htm" />

The MsHelp2 compiler search in the D:\V1_30\Doc\New\Help\Working\Output\MSHelp2\html folder instead in D:\V1_30\Doc\New\Help\Working\Output\MSHelp2\Help folder for this file.

How can I fix this Problem?

Thanks a lot!

Dec 1, 2010 at 8:26 PM

I'm not sure what might have caused it to not copy to the correct folder.  A workaround would probably be to create an html\ folder in your project and move the HTML files into it.  They should then get copied to the html\ folder during the build.  Please note that this form of additional content support has been deprecated.  The preferred approach for additional content is to use MAML so that the topics utilize the selected presentation style from the project.  There's an HTML to MAML converter available at the Sandcastle Styles project site.  It does a pretty good job of converting the HTML to the equivalent MAML but the output does need some review and clean-up.  There's also a MAML guide there to get you familiar with MAML if you haven't used it before.  See the release notes for the prior versions for a history of such changes and see the section on Conceptual and Additional Content for more information.