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Never Mind! Found a better way.

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Mar 5, 2008 at 11:08 PM
Hi All,

I need to pass in a new basePath for the CodeBlock component on each build. The Console Mode option -component=id,config confuses me a little. Apparently I can't just over-ride the basePath for the component, I need to feed it the entire configuration in an XML string. Correct?

Assuming that the comment above is correct, how do I use a response file as input (as suggested)? -component=Code Block Component, responseFileName?? The responseFileName would then contain the Code Block XML configuration? Again, assuming that's correct, the doc says the XML needs to be "one continuous, unencoded line of text". So that means no carriage returns at all in responseFileName?

In case anyone missed it, I'm unfortunately not as technical as I could be! Is there a sample somewhere that would help me with this?

Eric - if you read this, thanks for a great tool. I would be totally up a creek without it.

Mar 6, 2008 at 3:11 AM
Edited Mar 6, 2008 at 3:14 AM
I'm assuming from the thread title that you figured it out but for anyone else that might need this, the response filename is passed in as a command line option. The response file can contain one or more command line options:

SandcastleBuilderConsole @responseFilename

Other command line options can preceed or follow the response filename on the command line. They'll be interpretted in order and can override options within the response file if they appear after it. The -component option would go in the response file. As noted, it just needs to be on one unbroken line. You can edit a project file using the GUI and cut and paste it from the project file but you just need to undo the XML encoding (i..e convert &lt; to <, &gt; to >, etc. See the Console Mode Builder help topic in the help file for full details.