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Error while doing FTP task with CruiseControl FTP Publisher

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Jun 30, 2010 at 11:52 AM
Hi, I am using FTP publisher for doing the FTP from my local computer to the Server. i have written following task in my ccnet.config file <ftp> <serverName>**************</serverName> <userName>***************</userName> <password>************</password> <action>UploadFolder</action> <ftpFolderName>catalystlms</ftpFolderName> <localFolderName>D:\Himanshu\him</localFolderName> <recursiveCopy>true</recursiveCopy> </ftp> inside publisher folder. i have hided the password and user id for security reasons....... when i build the project my FTP tasks fails.... i could not find why? is there anything more to be added in the ccnet.config file.... i am also not able to generate log for this plz help.....