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.h or comma in path name

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Apr 27, 2010 at 8:43 PM

While attemping to build a HtmlHelp1x file with a path containing a .h, I get the following error:

Generating HTML Help 1.x project file...

SHFB: Warning BE0060: The file path 'C:\dev\Workspace.With.Dot.H.In.Namespace.Tester\Workspace\With\Dot\H\In\Namespace\Tester\Help\Working\Output\' contains a comma or '.h' which may cause the Help 1 compiler to fail.

I think it is say to say it does fail.  In this example it is trivial to change the namespace to not contain .H, but it is not perfect for all cases.  The only reason I'm currently sticking with HtmlHelp1x is due to the extensive wait time to integrate new help into HtmlHelp2x.