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Error BE0043 for Silverlight class library documentation help file generation

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Apr 7, 2010 at 5:05 AM
Hi, I have been trying to generate the help from a silverlight class library but I keep getting the same error. I have added the .csproj file as document source along with the .dll and .xml file. The assembly references come from a different folder "~/programfiles/Microsoft SDKs/Silverlight/v2.0/Reference assemblies". I tried adding the "Assembly binding redirection" but I dont quite understand how to use it. Can anyone help? Here is the build log for the project. ------------------------------- [Sandcastle Help File Builder Utilities, version] Creating output and working folders... ------------------------------- Finding tools... Found Sandcastle tools in 'C:\Program Files\Sandcastle\' Searching for HTML Help 1 compiler... Found HTML Help 1 compiler in 'C:\Program Files\HTML Help Workshop\' ------------------------------- Validating and copying documentation source information Source: C:\WorkSpace\SelfStudy\VMS.ClientAccessFramework\VMS.ClientAccessFramework.csproj Found project 'C:\WorkSpace\SelfStudy\VMS.ClientAccessFramework\VMS.ClientAccessFramework.csproj' Source: C:\WorkSpace\SelfStudy\VMS.ClientAccessFramework\Bin\Debug\VMS.ClientAccessFramework.dll Found assembly 'C:\WorkSpace\SelfStudy\VMS.ClientAccessFramework\Bin\Debug\VMS.ClientAccessFramework.dll' Source: C:\WorkSpace\SelfStudy\VMS.ClientAccessFramework\Bin\Debug\VMS.ClientAccessFramework.xml Parsing project files Found assembly 'C:\WorkSpace\SelfStudy\VMS.ClientAccessFramework\Bin\Debug\VMS.ClientAccessFramework.dll' References to use: mscorlib system System.Core System.Net System.Windows System.Windows.Browser System.Xml Copying XML comments files C:\WorkSpace\SelfStudy\VMS.ClientAccessFramework\Bin\Debug\VMS.ClientAccessFramework.XML -> C:\WorkSpace\SelfStudy\Help\Working\VMS.ClientAccessFramework.XML SHFB: Warning BE0063: 'C:\WorkSpace\SelfStudy\VMS.ClientAccessFramework\Bin\Debug\VMS.ClientAccessFramework.XML' matches a previously copied comments filename. The duplicate will be copied to a unique name to preserve the comments it contains. C:\WorkSpace\SelfStudy\VMS.ClientAccessFramework\Bin\Debug\VMS.ClientAccessFramework.XML -> C:\WorkSpace\SelfStudy\Help\Working\{82e25240-d62b-4ea5-a524-623f7d21dc88} ------------------------------- Generating shared content files (en-US, English (United States))... Last step completed in 00:00:00.0938 ------------------------------- Generating API filter for MRefBuilder... Last step completed in 00:00:00.0469 ------------------------------- Generating reflection information... [c:\WINDOWS\Microsoft.NET\Framework\v3.5\MSBuild.exe] GenerateRefInfo: MrefBuilder (v2.4.10520.1) Copyright c Microsoft 2006 Info: Loaded 2 assemblies for reflection and 5 dependency assemblies. MREFBUILDER : error : Unresolved assembly reference: System (System, Version=, Culture=neutral, PublicKeyToken=7cec85d7bea7798e) required by VMS.ClientAccessFramework Last step completed in 00:00:06.1563 ------------------------------- SHFB: Error BE0043: Unexpected error detected in last build step. See output above for details. Thanks, Aseem Chiplonkar
Apr 7, 2010 at 8:26 PM

This thread may help:



Apr 8, 2010 at 4:51 AM

Thanks for the reply, but its not the case in my case. :)

Here are the properties of one of the references I have in the project :

Description: System.dll

Path : c:\Program Files\Microsoft SDKs\Silverlight\v2.0\Reference Assemblies\system.dll

Runtime version : v2.0.50727

Specific Version: False

Strong Name : True


Same is the case with rest of the assemblies like System.Core, System.Net, System.Xml, System.Windows, and System.Windows.Browser.

Any other way I can resolve the issue?



Aseem Chiplonkar


Apr 8, 2010 at 8:29 PM

Unfortunately, I don't use Silverlight so I can't say how you might work around the problem.  You might try posting over in the Sandcastle project forum to see if you can get a response.  I know other people have done it.