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Nov 1, 2007 at 9:54 AM
Hello Eric,
Thanks so much for the great effort in releasing the new version. It solves a lot, if not all, of the current problems and brings in many enhancements.

I want to comment on the new feature you have added - the summary of the new root namespace container.

I have a project that is made from several other components. These components are reusable and therefore each as its
own project/namespaces summary.
I combine several of these to create standard/professional/enterprise editions. I therefore simply bring the project/namespaces summary of each component to create each edition.

Now, the new root namespace container also adds summary but picks one from the serveral component project files. How do I control this, that is either to prevent the common namespaces summary or to let the builder use the one I want? (which will not come from any of the component projects).

Sorry for long post.

Best regards,
Nov 1, 2007 at 4:22 PM
The rootnamespace container comments support used to be there but went away in the June CTP for the VS2005 and Hana styles. It's back again in the October CTP.

I'm assuming you have multiple XML comments files each with a common named member such as "R:Project" for the project or namespaces summaries. If so, you're at the mercy of BuildAssembler as to which one it pulls in. It'll only pull in the first or last one found, not sure which, but it won't merge multiple entries. You could write a plug-in that runs after the ValidatingAssemblies step to scan the XML comments and merge duplicate entries into one entry.