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Syntax Coloring

Jun 26, 2007 at 11:25 AM
Thanks so much for this new release
This time I downloaded the sources to do the language mapping and found that you have already
done it.
However, some failed to work. Currently, "j#/J#", "c#/C#" are not recognized as J# and C#. The
"vb" works correctly.

Best regards,
Jun 26, 2007 at 8:11 PM
I forgot to test the variations C#, J#, and C++. It turns out the regex that extracts the options is limiting the name to the letters A-Z. I'll put a new release out tonight that contains the fix for it and a couple of other fixes.

Jun 27, 2007 at 1:46 AM
Thanks for the effort and the support. After releasing my current product, I hope to make some donations to this project soon.

Best regards,